Portugal: 2023 stone exports again at record levels

9 May 2024

Last year Portugal’s total exports of marbles, granites and natural stones in general amounted to 488 million euros, remaining on the record levels of 2022. On the other hand, there was a 5% decrease in the volumes exported, amounting to 1.89 million tons, with an average price for the materials sold on international markets up by 5.2% to 258 euros per ton.

We remind readers that in 2022 the Portuguese stone industry had growth of 13% in its foreign sales revenue (a peak of 492.8 million euros) with a 6.3% drop in the amounts exported (some 2 million tons).

The statistics issued by Assimagra, the Portuguese stone association, showed that in 2023 its sales within the EU – which accounted of 53.5% of its total exports – declined in value by 6.7%, while sales to non-EU countries increased by 8.8%.

First in the ranking of destination markets was again France (+6.4% from 2022, with 95.6 million euros in imports), followed by China (+18.3%, with 69.7 million), Spain (+0.1%, with 54.8 million), the United States (+5.5% with 31.8 million), Germany (-29.6% with 28 million) and the United Kingdom (-11.9% with 25.7 million).

Worth noting is that, according to CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE Studies Center data, last year Portugal was in 10th place among countries importing stone extraction and processing technologies Made in Italy with purchases amounting to 36.2 million euros (up 2.9% from 2022).

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