PNA at Milan Design Week 2024 with its “Stone Builds the Future”

13 May 2024

CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE and Marmomacchine Servizi are partners of PNA | Pietra Naturale Autentica (Authentically Natural Stone), the business network created to promote and protect natural stone products, which for Milan Design Week 2024 (April 15-21), at the SuperStudio Piu in Via Tortona presented its video installation, “Stone Builds the Future”. The aim of the project was to keep always open “valuable dialogue with the design and architecture world to reinforce the message that there is no sustainability without durability and aesthetics. Natural stone perfectly embodies this principle, not only in qualitative but also in quantitative terms”.

After its participation at Marmo+Mac 2023 in Verona, PNA was thus also represented on the international design scene with an innovative, immersive installation testifying to the deep and enduring bond between humans and natural stone through time: a surprising journey that gave a new awareness of the natural sustainability of stone materials. This “voyage through time” was entrusted to an evolutive morphing of interiors running through various epochs with the typicity of their living spaces, and to visual testimony to the concept of “Naturally Sustainable”, the main principle of the manifesto PNA launched in 2022.

Evolutive morphing, a digital technique chosen by the art directors of Danae Project, made it possible to create a fluid, gradual and uninterrupted transformation of different images and scenarios: an original way to show the shifts between certain classic types of interiors and others featuring a more contemporary aesthetic. Using natural stone as a common denominator, the video moves ever forward towards the future.

The ”Stone Builds the Future” installation was perfectly in line with the “Thinking different – everything, everywhere, everyone” theme that SuperStudio Piu proposed for the 2024 edition of Milan Design Week. With marked attention to the evolutive signs of society with regard to natural stone use, this engrossing journey highlighted the uniqueness of natural stone, its durability through time and eternal beauty. “Exploring a possible future scenario thus becomes a natural projection of this route” states the PNA communiqué. “In a world that changes and evolves ever faster, natural stones are a pillar of stability, accompanying humankind towards more sustainable living with less environmental impact”.

Furthermore, in its imperishability, stone has been tied to design and to anthropology throughout the ages, adapting itself and evolving in shapes and uses as a bearer of values that go beyond any temporal limits. “Through stone it is still possible to discover our original bond with nature and to foster that innate sense of belonging that ties us to a place, reawakening that ‘feeling at home’ right from the start”. And precisely thanks to evolutive morphing, through “Stone Builds the Future” viewers are involved in a journey where time flows, shapes change but stione remains a constant presence of human passage.

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