Exports of stone technology Made in Italy held steady in the 2nd half of 2023

19 March 2024

Also confirmed for the second half of 2023 was the stability of exports of Italian machines, installations and equipment for extracting and processing natural stones. The data processed by the CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE Studies Center for the first ten months of the year in fact showed an increase in value for foreign sales – always the mainstay of the sector, accounting for about three-quarters of total revenue – of 1.5% from the excellent levels for the same period in 2022, for a total of 897 million euros.

The reference market ranking for Italian stone technology makers saw the United States still in first place although, after setting records in 2022, imports from January to October last year decreased by 12.6%, to worth of 144.6 million euros. Instead, there were double-digit gains in sector exports to Canada (+24.1%, second buyer with 47.5 million) and Turkey (+27.8%, third with 45.9 million), again last year one of the most dynamic markets.

While exports remained stable to India (-2.6%, fifth with 42.5 million) there was a generalized downturn among Italy’s main European partners: Germany (-9.9%, fourth with 45.5 million), Poland (-10.2%, sixth with 37.7 million), Spain (-31-9%, seventh with 36.6 million) and France (-18.1%, eighth with 35.8 million). On the other hand, after a negative 2022, encouraging signs were seen in Italy’s exports of stone-working technologies to the United Kingdom (+1.2%, ninth with 32.9 million) and Portugal (+5.4%, tenth with 32 million).

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